Penelope Quesada - Director
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Penelope Quesada has taught for JCPS since 2009. She was the recipient of the “Jefferson County Public Schools Music Teacher of the year” award in 2013. In 2016, she was a top 10 finalist to the National Music Educator Grammy Award. She immensely enjoys teaching elementary students using the Orff Schulwerk methodology.
During her tenure at Lincoln Elementary Performing Arts School, she worked as the Music Orff Instrumental teacher. Ms.Quesada mentors new music teachers in her district and supervises and mentors music education student teachers from the University of Louisville. With a vast experience as a bilingual music teacher, Penelope has taught music in elementary schools in her native country Peru, the Louisville Catholic School System and JCPS for the past fifteen years.Ms. Quesada’s training includes full Orff Certification on levels I, II and, III (University of Kentucky and Carnegie Mellon University), certification in World Music Pedagogy (Smithsonian Folkways Institute) and Robotics EV3 (Carnegie Mellon University).She has a B.A of Arts in Music, a Masters in Music Performance, and a Rank I in Education Technology (University of Louisville).Ms. Quesada is also certified as a Music Teacher by the Kentucky Department of Education. Ms. Quesada created the first full Orff Ensemble in Kentucky and twice she has been invited to perform at the Kentucky Music Educators Conference with the LPAS Orff Ensemble.She has been invited to give music education professional development sessions in Orff methodology, technology in the music classroom and arts integration at the Kentucky Music Educators Conference, the Archdiocese of Louisville and Jefferson County Public Schools.She likes to research, find and create innovate ways to teach music to children to include creative thinking in her lessons, to integrate the arts and technology in the curricula and incorporate world music in her daily teaching.

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